Shameless Promotion 1

I have to say, I have fallen in love with Kickstarter. Crowdsourcing is an interesting and powerful concept that should really be given more airtime. The idea behind crowdsourcing, people pitch a product or idea and the community pledges so much to make it happen, is not really something new. Me selling popcorn to help support my Boy Scout Troop is a similar idea; I want to go to summer camp so people are essentially pledging money (through popcorn) to send me there and hope that I make a difference in the community. Well, either that or they don’t want me pestering them and want me off their front stoop.

Anyway, I digress. So far, the general quality of things from Kickstarter seems to be rather high. As that I have not been burned by Kickstarter, I figured I would shamelessly promote one product that I have backed. Alien Frontiers: Factions is a board game about trying to eek out a living in space. Prima facie it looks like something similar to Kingsburg but in Space. With aliens. Hit the link to take a look. As with many board games on Kickstarter, it presents a unique twist on previous board game models and gives the chance for smaller developers to practice their craft and breath new life into the board game genre.


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