Wealth of Networks Questions

1. How can the author legitimately say that people are harder to be manipulated by previous forms of media? Does he mean that now consumers have the ability to fact check and find out information independently from various medias that might be easily manipulatable? What about companies like Time Warner and Comcast that purposely block websites from competitors? Is that not manipulation of information?

2. In regards to making networks of like-minded individuals, what about the echo-chamber effect? Does this increased ability to network not give way to the effect running rampant and intensifying the problem? Do the networks not simply create and reinforce schisms in society?

3. Can there be anything done to break the cycle that is copyright feeding the need and successfulness of copyright? It seems like a vicious cycle that is eats itself to sustain itself and eventually grow into something all encompassing and never ending like the Uroborus. Is transitioning to an open-information market the only way?


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