Benkler/Shirky Questions

1. So is what Benkler arguing is that we simply have a new norm that is gaining ground due to new technology? Because of the advances and social functions of the Internet, the previous norms of “thicker” relationships are giving way to many “thinner” ones?

2. So if I am reading Benkler right, all those people who only really have friends from online games like WoW are actually better off than if they had been stuck in a previous generation since they have the ability to reach out to others who are in the same position. So my question is are introverts actually better off from having many thin connections or few thick connections?

3. What about the free-rider effect? Mangers typically help rid systems of free-riders but without a manager or higher authority, it can be difficult to rid oneself of a free-rider. So with new organizational methods, how do we avoid free-riders? Along the same lines, how do we get lurkers to participate and add to the collective pool?


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